OPS was formed to create opportunities and incentives for artists of like mind to come together and paint ...........En Plein Air

 Master Signature Artists

  Tina Bohlman 

OPS President /

Event & Exhibition Director

Kaye Franklin

Board Director

Randy Saffle

John Cook

Beverly Boren


John Pototschnik

Master Signature-Emeritus 

Bruce Peil

Master Signature-Emeritus 

Co-Founder of  O.P.S. 

David Moreland Bates

Master Signature-Emeritus 

Co-Founder of  O.P.S. 

Rusty Jones

Fran Elllisor


Ann Hardy

Diane Frossard

Ted Clemens

John P. Lasater IV

Signature Members

Marc Hanson

Will Maller

Susie Baker

Susan Lynn

Irma Ward

Myrrh Haslam

Board Director- Paint outs Chair, Newsletter

Bruce Bingham

Signature Members





Cecy Turner


Peggy Kingsbury



Mark Farina 



Carol Swinney



Chuck Rawle

Board Director 


Dina Gregory



Ann Larsen



Robert Rohm



Debob Jacobs


Becky Joy



Olivette Hubler

Carol Devereaux

Jason Sacran

 Patrick Saunders

Val Sandell

Spencer Meagher

Richard Sneary

Michael Holter

Jeanne Reavis

Jeffrey Neel McDaniel

Back Alley Patterns

Julie Sanderson

Kathy Hammond

Carriers de Lumieres Les Baux de Provence - Oil

   Lisette McClung


Signature Members cont.

LaNell Arndt

Carolyn Hesse-Low


Anita Mosher



Carolyn Cobb


Laurel Daniel


Terri M Wells


Christy Kidwell 


Deborah Paris 


Andrew Wages


                     Jimmy Longacre                   


Chase Almond 


     Judy Crowe      


Nancy Boren 


Jeannie Mackenzie


William Kalwick, Jr

Jane Hunt


R Gregory Summers

Robert Simone

Ann Rogers

Lon Brauer

           Gail Greenoe

Liz Bonham

Sheryl Knight

Jing Zhao

Marchita Priest

Board Director - 

Paint Outs Co-Chair

Nancy Sterling Tyler

Board Director-


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