OPS was formed to create opportunities and incentives for artists of like mind to come together and paint ...........En Plein Air


Up coming Paint Outs and Events. 


This is an ever-changing list  as we add new locations and dates to it. If you would like to be a host of a casual Paint Out at your favorite spot, contact Paint Out Director, Irma Ward


Please note:  We ask you to register if you plan to attend a paint out or event. Please remember to "check" the box at the bottom of the registration form so members will see your name on the list of attendees!


(Except for workshop registrations), advance registration for a paint out  is NOT a firm commitment!  We understand how last minute situations can arise.  As a courtesy, if your plans change, please contact the event coordinator.  Thanks...and see you out there!



Upcoming events

    • May 21, 2018
    • May 26, 2018

    Open Call for all Plein Air Painters!  Rockport paint out!  

    Everyone is invited to come & paint during Plein Air Southwest 2018 week- we just ask that you don't interfere with the competition artist's painting sessions.  Competition artists are identified by their event badges.


    By noon on May 25th, the 53 Plein Air Southwest 2018 Competition Artists will have submitted their competition paintings for judging.  During PASW week and on PASW weekend we've planned some extra painting & social activity for everyone. 

    Plein Air painting (5 days!): Free

    Friday Night Social: $10 (+1 guest @$10)

    Quick Draw Entry: $10

    Brief Itinerary:

    Monday, May 21 through Friday, May 25:

    All week -Plein Air painting throughout Rockport and Fulton area. Painters are "on their own" but suggested paint out locations and a map of the area will be available at the Rockport Center for the Arts.

    Evening dinner "get-togethers": A "meet up" itinerary for dinner at different restaurants in Rockport/Fulton area.

    Friday evening, May 25 - 7:00pm:   Social get-together for PASW Artists, Registered  local & OPS artists and Rockport Art Center staff. A "first peek" at the PASW exhibit before it opens to the public.  Sandwiches & soft drinks.  OPS & local painters must register to attend.

    Saturday, May 26 - Morning:   Quick Draw!!!  PASW Artists and Registered Painters will compete in 2 separate competitions!   

    • PASW Artists will compete within  separate  PASW guidelines.  
    • OPS & Local Painters will compete  for 1st, 2nd, 3rd cash awards and must register in advance to compete for prizes in the Quick Draw. Quick Draw rules will be distributed to registrants by email 2 days prior to the event, and also at check in on Saturday Morning.

    Saturday, May 26 - Evening  5 - 7 pm:  PASW Opening Reception and Awards Presentation.

    • May 27, 2018
    • May 30, 2018
    • 5


     Plein Air Southwest Salon 2018, is excited  that JOSHUA BEEN the awards juror.... will conduct a OPS sponsored workshop May 27 - 30, 2018.

    The format is 3-day Plein Air instruction, followed by 1/2 day indoor demonstration in classroom.


    This workshop is limited to 15 participants and will fill up fast. The total cost is $495.00.   No refunds after April 15, 2018. 


    3-1/2 day workshop

    Open to intermediate and advanced artists. 

    Joshua Been - on location in Colorado


    Artist’s Statement


    The style I paint in is known as Impressionistic Realism. It’s a versatile yet challenging mode of expression through which the poetry of a subject is preserved and paramount. To find eternal balance in the elegant dance of light and form is my highest inspiration. Through the congruence of our visual vocabulary and shared human experience, I am able to imply detail without overstating it. Brushwork and palette knife together create a textural Impressionism and paint quality which entice a closer look, while it is through a little distance that my paintings become Realistic portals into a time and place.  Painted like memories of the “here and now,” they depict the variety of life in the 21st Century and often include man-made objects, figures, or animals. Through my work, I sincerely hope to remind and inspire others to take time to see just how amazing this existence is.  



    Joshua Been, born in 1974, had no shortage of outdoor adventures that cultivated his appreciation for the natural world. Drawing since he could manage a pencil, he was captivated by animation and cartooning. This interest remained with him throughout high school and an active duty enlistment in the US Army. Been then went on to pursue his BA in Fine Art at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. As a Magna Cum Laude graduate from this small liberal arts college, Been found interest in more than just art classes. He was active in theatre and performing arts, while studying Earth Sciences as well. This interdisciplinary foundation is evident in the intricacies and truthful fascination of his landscape as well as his figurative work.

    After graduation, Been relocated to the Los Angeles area where he worked for several years in the entertainment industry as a Character Animator and Visual Development Artist. Cartoon Network, and Disney TV were some of the studios where he found work. It wasn’t long, however, before Been craved a more liberating artform, and enrolled in some figure painting classes at the California Art Institute. While simplifying his life in order to pursue the more nomadic life of a painter, Been moved back to his native land in Colorado. For a short time in order to get his feet on the ground in CO, Been taught art and design to inmates at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility. He now lives and paints in Salida, a place known as the “Heart of the Rockies”.



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